Private Training - Corporate Wellness Program

Tyson Johnson - Certified Personal Trainer -

  • As a professional strength and conditioning coach and mixed martial arts fighter I know what it takes to get my clients results.
  • Doctorate in Exercise Physiology /Sports Training from UAMAS and I have been awarded certifications from NSCA, NSAM, ACE as well as many other highly acredited Fitness Associations.
  • I have been assisting clients and top atheletes for over 20 years to help them achieve, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance and speed.
  • I have proven results that work! Even if you have tried to lose weight or get into shape and failed before, I have a program(s) that will work for you! 

My Philosophy -

By incorporating all aspects of fitness, nutrition, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance and speed our clients will be in the best shape of their lives.  Using a athletic training model helps reduce injuries and promote quicker results, not all people are athletes but everyone can benefit from training like one.  

Self-Defense courses are intended to give the layperson some effective and educational instruction in self-defense in a short period of time.
This program is built upon my philosophy of empowering people through education and knowledge. People can learn they have a choice and the choice is that they don't have to be a victim. I see the strength, vulnerability, compassion, beauty, and wisdom in all people. I want people to see themselves the same way, so I provide information to promote physical and mental health, while helping people save their own lives and the lives of those they love.

Let us dismiss the myth that people are somehow responsible for violence against them. Here at the Universal Grappling Academy R.S.D.T training program, we would also like to dispel another myth: That women are incapable of defending themselves against a male aggressor/attacker. We know from crime reports that people who have the highest success rate in escaping physical or sexual assault are those who use a combination of early verbal and physical resistance. Criminals will often test a person's boundaries, both verbally and physically, to determine whether or not they will prove an easy target/victim. Crime reports show that people who are aware, assertive, and who set verbal and physical boundaries have an excellent chance of avoiding or escaping from would-be attackers. Understand that the decision to submit to a rapist, or to any other criminal, is a perfectly valid one, if that's what a person feels they must do to survive. The goal of Realistic Self Defense Training is to make one more aware of options and better able to utilize such options should one choose to do so. Role-playing realistic self defense scenarios with properly trained instructors allows people to gain invaluable experience in setting verbal and physical boundaries under stressful conditions. It is a documented fact that training of this kind has enabled would-be crime victims to break out of the normal "freeze response" and take effective action when attacked. Taking personal responsibility for your safety is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself, and this is what the UGA NO-VIC program is all about. The No-Vic program topics include:

• Awareness & Intuition
• Setting Boundaries
• Assertiveness and Confrontation Skills
• Self Defense in Various Environments / R.S.D.T.
• Legal Issues in Self Defense
• Advantages / Disadvantages of Various Weapons

 Self defense training is not about second guessing ourselves. It's about acquiring new educational information we can use now and in the future. The UGA No-Vic program is taught by a team of men and women instructors who are dedicated to empowering the common person by enabling them to experience the options, tools and resources with which they can protect themselves and work to create change for the next generation.

Self- Defense, n. 1. The act of defending one’s person by physical force. 2. A claim or plea that the use of force was necessary in defending one’s own person. 3. An act or instance of protesting one’s own interests, property, etc.
   Simply put, self-defense is defined as the right to protect oneself against violence or threatened violence with whatever force or means are reasonably necessary. What may not be known by most people is that if the legal limits of self protection are exceeded, your right can be lost. What that means is that you cannot inflict greater damage than that which is deemed sensible for your protection. So if confronted with a mugger or rapist and you are able to temporarily disable the assailant but choose to grab a bat and continue beating them, you have exceeded your right of utilizing self-defense and now become the aggressor and no longer the victim. Your objective is to defend yourself and escape, not to hurt or possibly kill your assailant.
This program is only $1000 per month
no monthly minimum / up to 16 sessions per month / all fees must be pre-paid
Free Items included with this program
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Healthier Mind and Body = Better Business
The Universal Grappling Academy would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our Corporate Membership Plan. Corporate membership with the UGA entitles your employees to a health benefit at little or no cost to the employer.
The Universal Grappling Academy Corporate Membership Plan provides a complete wellness benefit to your employees by providing a full range of health and fitness services and facilities. The overall benefits of employing a healthy work force have been proven time and time again by numerous studies and confirmed by participating companies:
· Reduced health care costs and insurance premiums
· Increased productivity and employee morale
· Decreased employee absenteeism
· Reduced stress - Less employee turnover
· Less Sick Days - More Positive Attitudes
Research has shown that people who keep fit feel better about themselves, both at work and at home. Employees who exercise regularly have better stress management skills and are at a reduced risk for heart disease and hypertension.