Business Professionals

For the Business Professional who is looking for Personal Protection Techniques and Tactics

The Time is Now - Don't wait until Something happens to get Yourself Prepared!

Although the accumulation of popularity and wealth is a good thing, it does not come without certain concerns.  Basically, the more an individual has the more they have to lose.  This is where personal protection and or executive protection comes in.  In most cases high net worth individuals who earn alot of money per year have already begun to take certain measure to protect their wealth including advanced security systems on their homes and vehicles. Now it's time to learn to protect yourself.

In some cases mid / high net worth individuals hire executive protection companies (U.G.A.) to provide unarmed / armed officers to stand static posts at the home and or office. Others take matters in to their own hands and work hard not to be victimized by training in their own hand to hand combat programs such as we have here at the Universal Grappling Academy.


The problem is that wealthy and famous people can often create enemies on their way to the top, or simply being on the top causes others to want to do them harm.  Living a high profile life or having a position of power can also put a person at odds with masses of people or individuals that do not agree with policy and business decisions or with a stance one has taken on controversial issues.