Do You Want To Fight?

Come join Southern California's leading Mixed Martial Arts school Located in the High Desert area

15370 Cholame Rd. #6 Victorville California  760.241.1899


 1. Mixed Martial Arts (Cage/Ultimate Fighting) UFC, Tachi Palace Fights, Gladiator Challenge, StrikeForce, Cage Combat.

 2. Grappling Tournaments - Grapplers Quest, N.A.G.A., ADCC

 3. Wrestling Tournaments - U.S.A., A.A.U., N.A.W.A.

 4. Smokers & Exhibitions -  Where available

 5. Tuff Guy Challenge - Where available

 6. Toughman Competition - Where available

The Universal Grappling Academy is looking for outstanding Athletes to compete in these catagories listed above.

 Are you a tough guy from the streets or a well trained dedicated athlete who has boxing, wrestling, or jiu-jitsu skills? Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the Sports World? Can you be the Next World Champion? Then we want you to join our program and start getting ready Today!

It takes hard work and dedication to make it in this physical contact sports world. No kata's or forms will work here, This is an all hands on sport that will push you to your very limits. If you can't handle getting punched, kicked, thrown, slammed, pinned, kneed, elbowed, or trained hard then don't waste your time or ours! Artificial tuff guys or wimps Need Not Apply!


1. Children - Ages 5 to 16

2. Women - Ages 12 and up - must be 18 years old to compete as a professional athlete

3. Men - Ages 16 and up - must be 18 years old to compete as a professional athlete



1. Desire - To make a positive difference, To be the very best

2. Determination - To do anything necessary to accomplish your goals

3. Dedication - All Day - Every day is another step to your championship

4. Strong Work Ethic - Train Hard daily or go home. 100% every day

5. Clean Health -  Drinking, Smoking, or Drugs won't make you a Champion

6. Team Work - Learn from and teach all you can to assist your team in winning


1. Olympic Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling

2. Judo throws, flips, and trips

3. Jiu-Jitsu - submissions and catch wrestling

4. Striking - Boxing, Kickboxing, ground and pound

5. Traps, Controls, Positioning, Disruptions, Counter Moves

6. Drills, Exercises, Conditioning,

7. Cage fighting techniques, rules, and advantages

Our Motto - Train Hard & Finish Strong - Nobody said it was going to be Easy

Not A Fighter or Competitor, but You still want Self Defense Training?

We understand that not all people want to be or can be fighters, but they are willing to do what is necessary to train like one. So for the women who are concerned with personal protection, the law enforcement officers who need the abilities to protect others as well as themselves, the children who lack confidence, and the many other individuals that self defense and conditioning training can benefit, this program is also for you! You can recieve all of the same top training techniques that can help assist your physical and mental conditioning while giving you the ability to effectively defend your self in any real life situation.