An interactive and exciting talk show where combat athletes get the opportunity to showcase themselves and their training skills. Get hot news tips and information about rumors or their future plans, meet beautiful ring girls promoters and trainers to find out more about their roles in the MMA Life.

Entertainment, Publicity, Information and Controversy

 This is an in depth and entertaining look into the lives of modern day fighters, promoters, trainers and ring girls. Get to know these people for who they are on a personal and business level. Find out why they are living the MMA lifestyle. What are their immediate or future plans as athletes, promoters or trainers. Start off with easy questions and then, we hit them with the hard ones!



Hosted By:  "The IronMan" Tyson Johnson

Produced By: U.G.A. Studios / CFS
Producer/Host: Tyson Johnson, Director: Tyson Johnson, Camera Specialist: Cheryl Brown

For: Social Media, Network Television, Internet TV and World Wide Distribution